Friday, April 2, 2010

Grace to you from Jakarta

Dear Brothers,

Praying for you all. Miss Ethel and you all. Been a bit more tiring trip but still very productive. We had an awesome Good Friday service - packed house, awesome worship. I felt a strong anointing on the Word.

I meet tonight (we are 14 hrs ahead of you) with elders and pastor from one of the churches - time for Q and A. I have really enjoyed the more intimate settings with leadership couples. Many are now eager to do the CC class since we have the packets in their language.

Looking forward to strong Easter services and then later in the day, I fly to Sydney, Australia with Ps Joshua and some other brothers.

Again, appreciate your love, prayers and support - all are credited to your account in heaven.



Thursday, March 25, 2010

On the mats in Indonesia

Greetings Brothers & Sisters,

Thanks for pressing me onward. The folks here are really into Twitter/Facebook, etc. They performed a live recording for their 7th DVD worship at a 7000 seat center. They packed it out with no $ advertising ... all through Twitter and Facebook. Amazing.

Here are a few photos of the main couple, Ihsan and Tinny, I am mentoring. They not only host the CC seminars but do a great job modeling and at times do some brief teaching.

We had a new group of couples Monday and Tuesday. Thursday night will be a refresher for previous couples. Could have as many as 30 couples.

It has been tough squeezing so much material in short segments but the couples are eager and learn quickly. It is such a blessing to now have all the CC materials in their native language..



Wednesday, March 24, 2010

On the road with Roy - Indonesia

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

Thanks for your prayers - had a safe, and on time, trip with good seats and leg room. Slept enough to make it through the first day of teaching.

Faizal, my project manager for Couples Communication (CC), joined me in Jakarta the past few days and did a wonderful job interpreting for me and coaching couples. He brought 100 complete packets - they look great. Thanks to your generous donations, these packets were printed and assembled here in Indonesia. We are able to pass on the cost savings to couples who never would have been able to afford these materials.

We had 2 evenings with 18 new leadership couples. I will be doing a one evening class with CC1 alumni couples - 27 couples on Thursday. This Jakarta church purchased all 100 packets. They now have a strong marriage ministry team that is overseeing pre-marital, marital training and counseling. Some on the team are working toward becoming certified instructors. Praise God our labor has not been in vain!

I just had lunch with the Sr. Pastor who strongly endorses the CC program. He was educated in the Netherlands and recently shared the program with churches there promoting me to be the one to teach in Holland. That may be a door in the future. Also, I will be with him and his team in Singapore in May at the S.E. Asia conference where Ps Casey will be one of the speakers.

I have a full 2 weeks in Jakarta with 6 different churches - will do some Good Friday services and Easter services in 2 churches. Pray for favor and the right Word for each church.

I then leave April 4 in the evening for Sydney, Australia to attend a large leadership conference to network with pastors. I will also minister in a church there as well. I return April 12 to Jakarta and then fly home on the 13th.

Again, thanks for your love, encouragement and support which has helped me to stay on course.



Thursday, March 4, 2010


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